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Our dnsViper reports all internet domains handled by a specific nameserver or a group of nameservers. Included in these reports are the changes both additions and removals since the last report and a running history of these changes. Reports may be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or upon the root zone updates. You will have access to your private reports via the web site and may receive the scheduled reports via email.
Monitor your own domains assigned to your nameserver or monitor domain activity for various other reasons assigned to a company or individual. For example all names assigned to the HBO.COM nameserver would give a clear indication as to the upcomeing movies for the next summer. I'm sure that the right information in the right hands could more that pay for this service in a few weeks. There is nothing unethical or illegal about these reports because all information is in the public eye for the uses allowed. No contact information of any sort is reported, just the fact that domains are added to or removed from specific nameservers. You may wish to research futher the domains from other public sources. To get started fill in the new account form and verify your email address. Then decide your report schedule and post payment on for detailing the nameserver or group of nameservers you wish reported. We are continuing to automate changes to the nameserver patterns reported. To receive a fee sample run email for details.
However we are getting request from customers that want to have total control over what and when they run these reports. We must cover the actual cost of providing this service and have decided to provide a count balance on the account and deduct from that balance for each report. You may purchace reports in small counts or in large discounted counts. We feel that a fee of $1 for small counts is a good starting point and will decide on the discounts at a later time depending on the volumn and load.

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